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Dr Gardocki, Autumn, Mary, and the whole staff are very good at what they do. I used to hate going to the dentist, not anymore. They encourage me to do the right things to improve my dental health and it's worked. Mary does a great job on the cleanings and is always making sure my comfort level is good.

Jay W.

Dr. Gardocki and her team provide excellent service, they are present, engaged and have excellent communication skills. Shortly after arriving, Dr. G and her team identified the issue I was having with my tooth, and then presented me with straight-forward advice regarding my treatment options. I highly recommend Dr. Gardocki and the entire staff at Advanced Care Dental to anyone looking for dental care in the greater Madison area.

Brie M.

I had a dental emergency when a crown came off while eating. My son's family are current patients at this practice and he recommended that I check to see if I could be helped. Within forty minutes of the crown coming off, the dentist re-cemented the crown and I was on my way home. I had my 4 year-old granddaughter with me and the receptionist kept an eye on her in the waiting area while I was with the dentist. The dentist and hygienist put me at ease, were very professional, friendly, and encouraging. My fear of dental work was allayed, and I'm happy to have found an understanding dentist.

Sheryl W.

My very first visit to Dr. Gardocki at Advanced Care Dental was pleasant & professional from start to finish. First off, I called with a bad toothache & was given an appointment within two hours. This has not always been the case with other Dentist in the past. The office is clean & fresh, a must for me. The staff greeted me in an upbeat manner & the tone of my entire visit was pleasant though I was in pretty bad pain. My problem was diagnosed in rapid fashion & all procedures were thoroughly explain, as well, as all costs. This is important since I am retired, do not have a dental plan & all costs are paid out of pocket. Dr. Gardocki saw me as soon as X-rays & vital information were completed & she thoroughly explained the next steps. My pet peeve has always been the little amount of time the Dentist actually spends with me...that was not the case here. I would recommend Advanced Care Dental to my friends & relatives. I am a new patient & I believe my wife may switch from her Madison dentist to ACD too because of my excellent experience.

Anthony P.

I experienced a dental emergency. I called ACD and they were able to see me on that day despite not being a current patient. All of the staff is wonderful and friendly. Dr. Gardocki is just like you would expect from her radio commercials, caring and no judgement. I truly felt like she was there to help me. Her assistant was equally great and really made me calm. They even called me the next day to see how I was feeling. This visit was just how you would like a dental visit to be -stress free! By the next day I was feeling so much better!

Linda V.

I am one of those people who delays and delays when it comes to going to the dentist. I had an appointment for two fillings in January that I had to cancel because I had the flu. Dr. Gardocki's office called to remind me to reschedule a couple of times and finally I scheduled it for June. Even on the day of the appointment I had second thoughts about whether I could do it. I don't know why but I am getting increasingly fearful of the dentist as I get older (I'm 40). Anyway, the appointment was quick, painless and thanks to that lovely nitrous and great conversation with the dental assistant. I had no anxiety once I sat down. The best part: I was literally in and out of the chair in less than 40 minutes. Quickest fillings I have ever had in my life. And let's be honest, the less time you have to sit in that chair smelling those dentist office smells the better, right?! I still can't believe how fast it was. I was numb in one cheek when I left (fillings were one on each side) but I didn't come away feeling like I had been punched in the face like other fillings at previous dentists. No residual pain after and I was eating lunch 3 hrs later. I simply cannot say enough how impressed I am with the care here.

Jill P.

I had not been in for a cleaning, or ANY dental work in about 15 years. My front tooth was cracked off and I had gotten to the point I was embarrassed to smile. I went to see Dr. Gardocki after talking myself into the fact that I needed dental care. I cannot say enough about everyone there. They treated me with the utmost respect, and even made me laugh while I was there. I needed quite a bit of work done as far as cleaning, and making up for my neglect to my teeth. NEVER ONCE was I made to feel bad, quite the contrary--they made me very comfortable. My appointment to get me fixed up included sedation (the only way to go in my opinion), and after 4ish hours of deep cleaning, debreeding, and a few pulp caps--my gums no longer bleed when I brush my teeth, ALL my pain is gone, and my ever important front tooth looks brand new. I was SO happy to have my smile back I cannot even explain it. I will return, keep up with maintenance on my teeth, and visit them 4 times a year to make sure I keep my smile in tact. If ANYONE is afraid of the Dentist, let me assure you, Dr. Gardocki and staff are NOT your typical crew. They have restored my faith, removed my fear AND gave me my smile back :)

Deb G.

Dr. Gardocki is the best. When I resided in WI, I was her patient. She transformed my life by restoring my smile and my confidence. Highly skilled, great staff, and a beautiful facility. Recommend without reservation. A++++++

- Michele M

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